Who we are

Welcome to Tuyen Sourcing Solutions Limited

On behalf of all our team members, the following overview is intended to familiarize you with the history, accomplishments, goals and visions of our company.
Tuyen Sourcing Solutions Limited offers a modern and dynamic management system created to satisfy our clients by providing the highest standard available. Our team aims to provide a unique approach to service delivery and customer support in the Republic of Zambia and internationally.

Tuyen Sourcing Solutions Limited is a relatively new company in the Zambian business world. However, the team comprises of accomplished genuine and honest individuals who came up to provide a new challenge to the business world. As you will learn from our profile, we are a solid and experienced team that will serve your interest best while we make our business grow.

Our professional management is committed to the long-term strategic view. It is through the efforts of our employees that we will meet our long-term goals. We note that our government aims to empower Zambians through entrepreneurship, a virtue we subscribe to and hope to be part of the growing Zambian firms. Your choice of utilizing Tuyen Sourcing Solutions Limited as your partner in delivery/supply of services will therefore be a milestone in achieving local empowerment.

We welcome the opportunity to meet your needs and earn your business.

Our aim will be to provide high quality products and high standards in service provision, in an efficient manner and we shall seek to ensure adequate protection of clients' interests.

Position high standard service provision and products supply as a pro-active driver whilst maintaining a collaborative service delivery focus. To drive progress towards focusing on achieving simplification and combination of quality products and services where required.

Tuyen Sourcing Solutions Ltd has committed focus on, and dedicated core workmanship that is well aware of the high expectations of our clients and we ensure that we meet such expectations.

Drive the establishment of innovative process, providing innovation and architecture visualization environments, to plan, design and design coordination of tailored solutions, through creative work as consultation, through adequate application of knowledge and performance to ensure service provision and quality products supply governance, compliance and high risk management.