Core Values of the Company

  1. To be creative in taking interests in new ideas and new ways of doing things, by current thinking or traditional approaches. Commitments in keeping abreast of developments in occupation profession.
  2. To develop and manage a quality service provision and products
  3. To collaborate and partner
  4. To provide society with creative and safe environments, to develop, design solutions to technical problems, by creating products, services facilities and structures that improve quality of life
  5. Accountability of operations in compliance with the company rules and regulations
  6. To orient clients and consider all those to whom services are provided to and seek to see things from client's point of view
    • To keep clients informed of progress and setbacks in projects
    • To meet timeline for delivery of products and services to clients
    • Drive "Request for quote" process with new prospects
    • Open business development dialogues with strategic clients, Particular interest is to build a few strategic accounts
    • Interface with existing strategic clients to solidify mutual expectations of performance growth
    • Identify and attend forums and other business functions to keep abreast of developments in the market place, find potential new business, and to market company's end to end solutions