Executive Board Council

Our team provides a wealth of experience and a bright responsive approach on all project works.

Managing Director: is team leader in charge of work streams below described;

To coordinate and supervise the team/projects to ensure delivery in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Is principal of contact at all times.
  • Is available as a first point of call with any queries and questions and draws on the skills of the relevant members of the company as required.
  • Issuing of project conformity/ to compliance opinions and attending to applicable post project facilities.

Operations Director: Is ground team leader and has overall responsibility for ensuring the coordinated delivery of our services and each of the project work streams described below; she ensures that work is undertaken by the right level of skill and qualification.

  • Assistance with preparation of site surveys, visits and project feasibility studies and assessment reports generation.
  • Reviewing and drafting of project programs/ contracts.

Marketing Officer: Is in charge of work streams below described;

  • Ensures that we have the right and sufficient resources at every project disposal.
  • Has overall responsibility of managing the corporate aspects of every work project and reporting to clients on all care issues.
  • Assessing the corporate structure of each project.
  • Assessing the regulatory framework of each project.