ERP Software Consultancy

ERP Software Consultancy

BEST ERP SOLUTIONS(“BEST ERP”) focuses on delivering results that will drive efficiency within your finance department. We recognise that there are unique and common challenges for every business. That good business naturally grows and often outgrowing there systems and structure. As companies continues to grow, our team can help build the infrastructure needed to confidently respond to these challenges. Our team has practical knowledge in using accounting systems to deliver business objectives and implementing these systems to support company objectives. This allows us to provide both a holistic and in depth solutions for our clients providing them with the information and peace of mind they need to focus on the strategy and growth of their business.


SAGE EVOLUTION (“SE”) Sell, Implementation, Training and support of Sage Evolution a product of Sage Pastel sold by over six Business Partners Thanks to SE’s module approach the system not only offers scalability from small companies to large, but also enhancements with specialised modules where a company needs something extra. We have over six years experience with SPE, Implementing it in over 7 countries in Africa and offering support services in all countries. It is also support by a large network of 3rd party developers across the continent, should something unique be required.

Xperdyte (Advanced Manufacturing)

Sell, Implementation, training and support of    advanced manufacturing.

We understand that an accounting system is only as good as the people trained to use it.

An accounting system gives the tools to deliver key financial information, however it is essential that a team is continuously trained on the system for exceptional results to be delivered. We have the experience to provide user-specific training.  Our training includes detailed and graphical manuals per function and videos (optional), as well as hands on practice with a pilot. These manuals would be tailor-made for our clients based on organisational process flows as discussed and agreed. We believe that training should not be one off, but part of a continuous system to ensure that standards are always maintained at the expected level. As such we would work with the client team to develop training and assessment programmes for use to maintain standards.